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27. Neubauer u. Vogel. — Anleitung zur Analyse des Harns. Wiesb., 1898.

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Art. VI. A Practical Treatise on Surgical Diagnosis ; De-

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renal tumors may be divided into (1) fetal or congenital

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removed deep down in the cavity, but now the duct may

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was shut off from the peritoneal cavity by a flap from the

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should always be carefully examined, as it is known to be a

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region, and consecutive gangrene. At the post-mortem examination lobular pneumonia

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to say how much causative agency is to be attributed directly to the action

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I am greatly indebted to Dr. Waller for teaching me his gravi-

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preoperative corticosteroids; and avoiding administer-

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The paper concludes with elaborate instructions for anti-

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abdomen and search, and would, if necessary, incise the

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tion has proven itself a boon to mankind. — The St. Louis Medical and Surgical

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logous to chymification and chylification. The manner in which

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the breasts, and the axillae; the type of lesions — multiform, long,

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as could be procured periodically from private Practitioners,

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