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year, in three cases similar to my own, I have known the
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sentially new, has recently obtained such favor in Paris, as to deserve
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place in charge of such classes a person of ripe and successful experience
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should we be positive as to the absence of badlli until we
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as (o have the power of detaining within their grasp substances
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syphilis down in the category of causes of optic neuritis by directly
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which was easily effected. A probe was then passed into the nostrils, and
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of the hands and fingers may also show arrested cartilaginous ossification
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eligibility age. Other components of the proposal include
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them in a somewhat more systematic order than you do in your gen-
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To facilitate the fulfillment of the object we have in view, and
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nection with the subject under investigation, but in
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may mention the following: It is not cumbersome ; the illustra-
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tendency may exist simultaneously in various parts of the body ; and that
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contract, and this may give rise to very serious consequences if \-ital organs
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in and over both eyes is great. God help Immermann, then
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or less constriction of the lx)wel. The mesenteric glands are
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cision der Blickbewegung und der Localisat imi an der
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Mainze, Verlag Von Victor Von Zabern, 1845, 8vo. pp. 207.
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course, commencing in the hand and spreading to the arm. Hysterical
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the cerebrum and cerebellum, but is alfo found in the corpora
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LiPPiNCOTT, district surgeon-general ; Major Edwix F. Gaed-
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they were parasitic protozoa. The name Sporozoa furunculosa was
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exerting the utmost care and delicacy of touch in using
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was only possible to diagnose the tubercular infection after
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oil reaching the systemic circulation through the thoracic duct, was, in
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bones, and from the boiling of them, to be very unwholesome. It was
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One of the cases related in illustration of the bene-
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absence of sensibility, and sometimes oedema of the legs. Some of
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616501; Dec. 27, 1898. — Steers (A.) Making extracts.
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ings were held, with the same average attendance of eight
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d^composant I'eiu oxygeuOe. Compt. rend. biol..
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The accompanying wood-cut, made from a photograph, will
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either in the whole serum or in solution of globulins. During this