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seaports of France, Spain and Italy. It was during this epidemic, in 1883, that
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In ancient times, processions to the temples of the Gods
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we see no allusion to a very important point, namely, that, after an adequate
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contains only the spores which used to be called pseudonavicellae. These
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recollection ! This was some time before the sale began,
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districts milk and milky foods are cheap and easily procured ;
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names have been used to indicate minor differences in individual cases ;
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or "cell" composing a living tissue or organism, part
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peritoneum, but on endeavoring to proceed further the
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are added to those marks of death from which the years
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planting a commensurate quantity of morphia in the subcutaneous
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placed on a pillow till the swelling has subsided ; then it is
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tain mental states may be the usual accompaniment and pre-
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as gangrene, characterized by discoloration and softening of necrotic
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we have run across one such case, in which we found a probable
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conditions, but also because these operations are not without
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Liebermeister maintains that some cases of hysteria can
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logic study of 2() cases, found the exciting causes as follows: Bacillus coli
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on the abdomen and lower thorax but are not uncommon on the back
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prostration, loss of sight, etc. Every sign was pre-
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always indicated — quinine occupying the first place as a reme-