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these swellings became very hard and painful, and the
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monia are an initial chill of more or less severity; fever, the
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ence of the activity of the muscles forming the stomach wall.
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sition of medical clerk and translator in the Bureau
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(Include Advertisers' Proof Copies/Exchange Copies;
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94105. Second-class postage paid at San Francisco and additional mailing offices.
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or limb of the patient, and even at the present day,
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In regard to ear trumpets Dr. "Williams says, the best are made of silver,
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only limit to the dose being the effect upon the membrane.
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one of the remarkable symptoms, described by Magendie as resulting
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limb and other precautions against swelling, WolfTs
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$20 ; No. 4, Double Cell, of great power, $;iO. There are three sizes Impkoveb Galvanic
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many. The article will be concluded in the next issue.
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In this situation they destroy the red corpuscles and produce the well-
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tracheal injection may be substituted for inhalation in the
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variety of micro-organisms and various changes in its composition