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day afternoon as heretofore. The main objiM-t of this
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were of the muscles of mastication. Similar attacks are sometimes accom-
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famous as the detector of the imposture of Mary Toft, the ral^bit-breed-
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chronously with the beats of the radial on the opposite side, but no
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of teachers within the public schools except in ' short
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wife, in the course of which both parties became much enraged, un-
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peritonitis becomes diffused and spreads to the region of the stomach.
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coming tide, it seeks a flush which shall carry out
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short and rapid ; extreme prostration ; numbness and paralysis continue ;
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anything but a compilation. Dr. Fuller has used to the fullest
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basic meningitis of children, first described by Gee and Barlow, all of which
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this has but a relative value and that we are aware- of it. Many
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registry figures cited in the review reflect the results world-
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leukocytes are both relatively and absolutely increased, but decrease
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due of berries eaten on the previous day. It is evident that the food was
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Journal, August, 1874. Xew York: D. Appleton & Co., 549 and 551 Broad-
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and twistings of a joint, he has made some dislodged
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nutriment for its tissues than does the nursing baby.
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hyperplastic goitre? The pathological reports fail to show the pres-
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tion with : 1. the sulphate of the Lase employed ; 2. the carholate
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power of coagulating. The muscular fibres, in the region of the wounds, which had been sob-
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University School of Medicine, New Haven. LINDSEY HOLADAY
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of extinction, to accumulate heat in the parts remote from the
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cutaneous nerves. Paralysis now appears, and may be slight, or
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words "grammes,' or "cubic centimeters" and then below this the
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still that part of the lung which is free from tubercles and vomicse
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The right side of the figure represents the condition of the lens during ac-
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of fluctuation. The patient had not swallowed food for several
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ment, congestion, and dilatation of the ejaculatory ducts. The urine in these
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period he held the position of Chief Obstetrician at Hotel-
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cylindrical effect that will be caused at right angles
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on these structures through its action on the nutrient blood-vessels.
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Jarboe, Parron, Greensboro, Georgetown Univ., 1905 1906 1907
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year till the time of the second dentition ; before the seventh month
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discussion Dr. Potter said that he had seen one case
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the country. All the reagents, graduated solutions, and ap-