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survival in the salt solution, or, what is even more remarkable,

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In some cases of spinal tumor I have observed a reverse condition,

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may not be amiss to cite some illustrations from instances that have fallen under

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collected in pellagra districts, but was unable to find any

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studded with miliary tubercules. Rest of the body not

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has succeeded in producing local anaesthesia by ether vapour, it occurred to him

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He reports several cases successfully operated on by this method.

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we shall find it resolve itself into tremors, faintings,

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moted to present position in the Police Department, where

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the Licence of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, and

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Force isa challenging and rewarding way of life. Our hospitalsand clinics

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loved him more, or feared him less, he did not know, and probably

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Eighth. — The prize essays and any others which are deemed

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nine days breathing became audible over the base of the right lung, the

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and they stayed to mess. They had just come down from the

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This patient's surroundings were, at the time of the operation, and

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established, which is at first of a blackish red, afterward assumes a

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As to our friend the Remiss Contributor, will he kindly call

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for duty at Pinar del Rio Barracks, will report to the command-

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communication may be shortly summarized as follows : 1. Surgical operations

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particular limb, or even some special set of muscles. Thus they laid down