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there is marked lordosis ; when, however, the patient assumes the sitting
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treated a case with the same remedy and with entire success. Even in
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r.o to 140) irregular, and barely perceptible. On recovery from
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Their cure is often effected by massage and passive
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with those resulting from being whirled in a laboratory device,
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asserted that it is occasionally a true remittent, abating at intervals,
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of the osseous structures. No muscular atrophy. No tremor.
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reveals an epigastric and dorsal painful area, a gastric contents with a
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in 1819, when of the natives 7874 took the disease, and 2945 died.
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The patient, a married man, in apparently perfect health, was admitted
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the inflammation. They are, however, recommended as safe and frequently
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shall have been established under the authority of the Parliament of Canada a Medical
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Dr. Ed^Ta^d Seaton, Medical Officer of Health for Notting-
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because of contracture of the adductor group of muscles.
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Aug. 13, 1894. R. E. media clear and fundus normal. L. E.
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method has proved effective in actual practice in the case of smallpox,
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value in these cases is probably the low and transverse position of the
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The sputum from 57 definite of pulmonary tuberculosis")
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deatiis, or 27i per cent, leaving but 53 deaths, or 29):
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tunity to weigh the potential for toxicity against the
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ferring vehicle ignites the carbon in it, and the combustion is
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reau of Laboratories, made extensive investigations
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discharge the duties imposed upon it. Upon its recommen-
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ing manner, can be promptly relieved and restored to good health by a
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illustrative of the physiological action of alcohol. LondoD, 1839.
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for the control test. Li(iuid thus passed through the bougie in an atmosphere