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plifying what Mr. Huxley, in his latest " Lay Sermon," gives
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This has actually been the case in every instance of the kind which
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This, as we have explained in our first chapter, is the great peril of
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ing of the parts involved, but acts only through reflex vasomotor as-
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more pronounced as we go down, the elbows jerking more than the
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Nitrogen it is well known at times plays the part of a
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discussed in Professor Calderwood's treatise. It should be
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The matter then stands thus. A vaccinated community has
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of the arms, the face became deeply congested and the breath-
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changes were produced in the spinal cord, consisting of diffuse degenera-
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the formation of thrombi in the veins. These thrombi, however, diflfer
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as to which of these deviations from the norm, or whether both
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and requested him to communicate that view of the matter