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a grayish-white, ashy substance from about an inch below the
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CicuTA ViROSA IN Trismus AND Rheumatic Tetanus. — Dr. W. Heyberger
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By this process of extension the head is brought into the world,
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But in so unsettled a population as that of California, it was impossible to
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so that truth and virtue and right -living may meet with their just reward.
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at twelve places, and measles at twenty-three places.
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dogmatii^m, and left the pure gold of a ripe experience as his vade
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and some stiffness of the muscles at the site of the growth.
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is bad. Death is generally due to bedsores, cystitis, or a low
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Physicians relying on an experience of over forty years with " Warner's Soluble
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intussusception, for instance, could be made out prior to opera-
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Definition. — A disease originating in the canine, and, less
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this accident with any assurance. It must be remem-
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orally initially, followed by 0.5 gm. orally four times a i
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In complaints of the stomach, in addition to defective appetite,
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in which he made special reference to the more modem
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a slight but well-marked shadow of a fit, consisting of paleness,
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in this article is not warranted as the stock in the
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when present, is a subclavian systoHc murmur, more common, as a rule,
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became a healthy young woman, got married, and with her husband
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perfect health. It was done soon after the reception of the injury.
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at that time. The trouble dated from birth apparently, and growth
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As a new application for this agent, the following is interesting.
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en in his published works as to the leading articles in these remedies, Dr Sherwood com-
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and often marked. It varies from a faint brownish-yellow to a deep brown,
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as from a sponge ; this was arrested by dropping creosote water into
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only pain in the gland is complained of, but no swelling is observed.
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Birkbeck Xerins, M.D., Liverpool ; A. Ransome, M.B.,
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are able to cross with slight if any discomfort on the
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disease of marked severity, and who has in his ijo.'^scs-
Sustaining the results of direct experiment are the records of
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be added to help make up the experience of all in that fatal disease.
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among the works of that admirable and indefatigable
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gress, either from the supervention of death or otherwise,
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