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patient, on entering the Ijine^-in ward afl«r the bath, had her abdomen, buttocks, genitals,

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chest, under the following restrictions : — When the disease is confined to

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ture of the walls of the renal vessels, as to facilitate the transfusion of

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6. That there is no evidence to show that sclerosis once

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er, but still preserving the same degree of frequency, it finally

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adhesions, from the chest-walls or surrounding viscera. And again, it

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studied the development of this insect, we are not in a position to con-

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Remarkable confirmation of these findings is supplied by

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5. A Study of a Scarlet Fever Epidemic. Alfred C. Haven.

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the troops of the Dvina garrison during 1897.] Voyenno-

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Eaw Egg and Milk.— Beat 1 yolk very light, add to

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in a year, and probably 360 — about two thirds of the time

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that gunpowder was not poisonous, and promised himself, with great

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tumor, about 5 cm. in diameter, paler than the sur-

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does not appear to fabricate one normally. — La Fratue

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that they can be referred to in the least possible time. It makes book-

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for little boys." " I won't have it. 'Taint nothing

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The iJihdtary hody is not infrequently the seat of a cancer, glioma, or other-

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tralize one immunity unit plus a quantity necessary to kill the animal

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Action on the amendments to the by-laws, proposed at

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appearance to its final cessation. Admissions to the

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(ii) Small recurrent septic tonsil removed in two pieces.

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I believe that any physician who fails to recognize and to attend to

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strong, and very temperate, was taking an offender into

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peritonitis becomes diffused and spreads to the region of the stomach.

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observed in 3 8% ol patients, but was not a cause for discontinuation

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forcibly flexed and extended several times upon the

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as it was increased, all interruptions are avoided, and the

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matter which, carried to the liver in the portal blood, occasions inflammation

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12pl., 4 plans; 1 p. 1., iii, 571 pp., 20 pi., 3 maps.

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sloughed, and discharged copiously a bloody purulent matter, and after a

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character when the artificial regurgitation was allowed, and as

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meeting of the Paris Societe de Chirurgie, Dr. Terrier