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inclusive, and a vertical section of this portion carefully made. On

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half-century of his life was spent in industrious, useful and benign activities in the open air, com-

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the disease that is to be cured, are to be found among those of the most

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the same hour that the first was produced. How can we explain this

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sisting of, — (1.) Productive effects — that is, effects resulting from

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beyond the slaughtering of beasts and arrest of transmission,

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in which the latter method of applying the cold-water treatment is oon-

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(March 7), according to Mr. H. McLean, gave the following figures :

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CAUSATION. The susceptibility of the mucous membrane of the small

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£BJMsiful. For medicinal treatment we may have recourse to the various

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tific studies. The invasions of the Mongolians and the

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By a familiarity with the principles of this science, she

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of Dermatology in London, 1896, Veiel, who opened the discussion,

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cular fibre and to keep the mobility of the system within pro-

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in a previous part of this paper. Oonsequetitly, according to this view, syphilis

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of those at any time connected with the home of the

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other names, and in our younger days was familiarly known as

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present not capable of solution, that of lues is, and in all stillborn achondro-

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reason it is necessarj^ to have their upper margins on the same level.

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is often vomiting. In twenty-four to forty-eight hours the pharyngeal

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City being 306,902, Rathmines 36,567, Pembroke 28,506, Black-

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mon, but is much rarer than the pure tubercular disease.

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function than any other measure. It may be used to advant-

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other, Lave faith in each other, and be friends in the best

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eiiort on the part of nature to eliminate a poison, and

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concave cylinders will give better vision than sphero-cylinders. In those

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a salutation to the section, counted from one to ten.

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the amount of protein could be decreased with safety and

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