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thereby tilting the fundus forward; (3) intra-abdominal pres-

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disease ; and in 1865, of 7,039 deaths, 1,108 were from

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upportive. Have the patient stop solid food intake and

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is in man. Three kinds were observed, viz., the distinct, the con-

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sis. Fatty degenerations are invariably the consequence of

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the priestly function. In one place, for example, it is stated

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of Columbia, the bill goes on to say, the defendants, or

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lessors, nineteen ordinary physicians, seventeen surgeons, and

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later the wound was healed, with the exception of a

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ative procedure. In cases far advanced in Pott's dis-

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he may, if in his judgment the emergency is such as to

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frequent and often serious, but this is due to their un-

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is only relative, and though it may have all the appearance

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concerned in the development of the faculty of language, in normal

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had supposed the trouble was an ordinary attack of colic. I visited him

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eous state of their active principle, ought always to be preferred when

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generally slow, the voice remaining more or less affected for a considerable