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lesser thickness of the parietes of the left ventricle.
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tissues. It is essential therefore in considering bacterial intoxications
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nized, and so the more dangerous to the public. If the physicians of
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bony anchylosis, reported to have resulted from suppuration
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of the neck. When they have a transverse position they
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nasres of man.v of our medical journals to resemble
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an analogous condition to the disease called ))n)gre8-
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thought, between cases in which the hemorrhage was im-
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28th, and a further examination was made ; pulse 110, respira-
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Orvosi hetil., Budapest, 1883, xxvii, 1056-1060.— Tra vis
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sale of cigarettes to minors, and imposing a severe penalty
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much the same manner as irrigation of the intestines, using either a
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scopically, I was led to believe the growth to be adeno-myxoma-
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(Fig 6). One patient had free fluid in both the abdo-
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PATnOLOOiCAL CHARACTER. — This affectiou is an acute inflammation
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and a pustular eruption results, which I have seen mistaken for variola
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ing to light, is gradually brought to a full understanding of optics. He is
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body ; namely, of the trunk, limbs, facial, lingual, and laryngeal muscles ;
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ditis, etc., are also capable of causing meningitis. Meningitis may be
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seriously disturbed, and sometimes even thrown into violent
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general practice, being five more than last year. Certi-
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Lawrence, on the " Optical Defects of tlie £3-0," and J.
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extract of witch-hazel bath just before going to bed is useful. On
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States; married ; three ciiililreii. Has been in poor health for
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7 p.m., 103.8,3 grains antifebrin given; 10 p.m., 98°;
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