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British Medical Board, he favoured Aberdonians before all. It
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person will take vaccination it does not always follow
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to 925, assuring the success of CMIC. The company was settled in new offices, the CMIC
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Mohel conies in closer connection with the physician,
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Or the injury may cause inflammation, and compression be due
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in ignorance of her condition. Strange to say, the case continued for
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be discovered. Nor is the mode of escape, the manner of outlet fou/nd
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congestion, with round-cell infiltration and some proliferation of the splenic
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to the Editor, 37, Great Queen St., Lincoln's Inn Fields, IV.C.
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carefully protected from all surface water, animals and anything that could pos-
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provincial matriculation examination I would undoubtedly prefer the former, although I
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mas are generally derived from the ependymal cells lining
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\ caused tBmpora,ry paral3'sis of the arm in a lady by the
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President. I had read the newspapers for and against the admin-
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of our duties to each other, but that in all the quarrels
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was normal (See Lecture on the Study of Disease of the Nervous
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forty medical examinations were made by almost as many physicians. The
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succeeded, that the trouble persists, or is even in-
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pendent of the circulation, through the medium of the
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of the disease, which does not differ materially from that of Van Der Kolk, viz :
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horse, excepting perhaps in the extreme heats of the dog
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the bones were fully ossified; and although the head, which was then
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tions of the external ear alone are wanting, or their develo[>-
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worth examining because the usage is slightly different from that in
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longer hears, although there is no apparent injury to
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of struma a Miculicz's or Kocher's resection is indicated,
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(Include Advertisers' Proof Copies/Exchange Copies;
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The affection has no definite duration, in this respect resembling neu-
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routine medicinal treatment have been advocated for chronic nephritis,
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candidates should be obtained at the approaching rxaminaiion in
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meable and impermeable strata, and the depth to reach them
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^nicnester, consulted me on the following case :— He was called to examine
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teresting than any other, has lately become an important "bone of conten-