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(h) A certificate of having attended a course of instruction

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ment of the duties of the office. I thank you again, Gentlemen.

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lung was rapidly distended, may have caused it to force its way through

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Delegates at each annual meeting its action during the pre-

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We presume the author's brain had laboured for sometime, before it

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so knit and compact the constitution, so renovate it, not only by the exercise, but

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into the uterus and the placenta detached, while counter-pressure is made

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pack the wound around the tube because of its capil-

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immunity against smallpox, but vaccination gained but little headway

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considerable inquiry.”* Most women with serious liver

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tL substance mixed with the food. (For cases of *» W « >

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cavity of the uterus, and that as rapidly as possible, and, at the

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Acute Seminal Vesiculitis. — By H. H. Morton. The au-

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freely around so that it may penetrate all the crevices of the

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"In 1861-65 the mean death-rate registered as caused b)-

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cess may spread until the patient becomes almost helpless.

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with wasting of muscles, sometimes with neoralgio pains.

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whose sexual organs were imperfect. (A report of this case will be found in

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lump of the size of a pea. It was rather painful and slightly

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Again, chloroform is said to throw less strain on the heart and lungs.

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influenzal infection, if superadded, is apt to be overlooked.

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with flexion. 3. Jn diseases confined to the patella the

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American Association of Labor Legislation. They had

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ment. The lymph ought not to be taken from any but perfectly

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mine the s)rmmetry or asymmetry of movement of the two costal mar-

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One feature of this question, the injustice done by this abuse

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1887 n.— Parasites de I'oeil (pp. 459-480); oestres (pp. 548-591) <N. diet. prat,

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to acquire it when he is in contact with men who arc