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Wblfler's method of gastro-gastrostomy, showing position of anastomotic
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substance of blood is lecithin. This theory has, however, some
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the teachers of the Faculty of Medicine and the Medical
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1889, May, p. 202) that chloasma can be made to disappear by the fol-
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nies of death. They lay perfectly still, and seemed benumbed, I felt
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— F. S -, aged twenty-five, born in the United States,
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whom menstruation has ceased are scarcely ever troubled with it.
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while working on his farm. A troublesome cough and hoarse-
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from the left nostril. Five weeks ago the right eye became affected, and dimness of
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creatic part of the glycolytic body is produced by the islands of Langer-
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factors: (a) the cool summer; (b) the increasing knowledge among the tene-