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debility and abundant discharges of black vomit, I have little to ad-

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215-222, 1 pi. — Ciarmalt (C.) Fractures in the new born.

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Dr. G. Lemoine, of Lille, France, reported his experiments with

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malady, but although it may prevail in certain districts rather than others,

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members of a Board of Medical Otiicers to meet in New

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from the " Medical Observations and Inquiries," a remarkable case of Mollities Ossium,


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internal use of digitalis, in one-grain doses every four hours, up

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Consequently obstruction to the nutrient capillaries

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of tolerance is readied, when the dose may be reduced.

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Reports of cases, and observations upon them are quite numerously scat-

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said, "If there is suspicion, don't wait for an exact

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phthisis — that it was impossible to do much for them.

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held out the hope that in the Medical Acts Amendment Bill

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the breasts, and the axillae; the type of lesions — multiform, long,

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that this form does in its most typical form possess characters which

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sometimes curable, especially if it be a mere crack in the bone.

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General spinal paralysis is by no means of frequent occurrence, yet it is

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first stage ; bowels confined ; mouth slightly sore.

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ements of the stomach greatly aid digestion. No change

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despised and degraded class in the community ? If with

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cause, not the result, of gallstone formation. It is a

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peritoneal tissue of the abdominal walls, are abundant, particularly in

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the mistaken notion that alcohol has to be given after the bath. In.

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is stronger. Sampson and Young found that considerable distension of