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violent fever, which grows worse toward evening. The pulse is usu-
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laid down by Wright, and concludes that a low tuberculo-opsonic index
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J. W. (I 421), a printer, aged ^2, came under my care at
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been cases where patients wiih cerebral tumors have had a blow on
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catheter is never to be applied without the utmost caution, and in
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grees. The headache becomes more severe ; the patients grow rest-
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most prominent symptoms of pernicious fever. The deep stupor of
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tuberculosis. It would, however, appear, as tuberculosis 01
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In females between the ages of fourteen and twenty-four, chlorosis
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on superficial examination. The morbid excitement of the trunk of
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inoculations, that the scheme of dosage which was adopted
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first removed these glands in animals, and showed that their
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to resemble cholera, while it speaks against the asserted connection
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the subject of the conditions which excite auto-inoculations we
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spasms, and, later, of the paroxysms of madness, should be carefully
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ment by tubercle injections indicates that the injection has been given
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also do excellent service. To this class belong the oil of turpentine,
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was one of the earhest, when these posts were estabhshed in
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S. 2409), Linser and Helber {Miinch. tried. Woch., 1905,
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the " specific disease " rheumatoid arthritis. The tendency for
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on the side of the lesion, and also exerts the same influence
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from the genital system. In 42 cases of tuberculosis of the
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frequence and severity. These metrorrhagias occur even when the
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are that it is markedly shallow, and usually ends with a sharp
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not so full or are quite empty. Lastly, also, on section through the
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with the proper apparatus for further work on this subject
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uterus. Generally we may readily restore the sunken fundus to its
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would, however, be much more frequently recognised in its
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grenosd). In such case the contents of the blebs are discolored or
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dition of the part of brain surrounding the vessels, partly by increased
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and extremities is also not uncommon. At first red specks, which
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failed, by putting the patients upon an exclusive diet of milk. The
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easily torn. When cut into, a bloody adhesive liquid bathes the face
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lute resemblance, of its external symptoms to those of a scrofulous
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work extended over many 5'ears, and formed the subject of
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markable whiteness, with a tendency to redden easily, and through
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quire a great deal of water for their dilution. In the later stages of
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tion is subsiding at one point it is still at its height elsewhere. Hence,
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'6^. This variation was probably due to auto-inoculation