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Especially commendable is the general practice of refusing to lift the

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bility of the occurrence of this vascular accident.

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second day, April 9, the temperature rose to 100°, and tlie

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of blood-poisoning and a consequent disturbing influence upon

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the nasal speculum occasioned violent attacks of sneezing. This

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to affections of the middle ear, the petrous bone, or the basal membranes.

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Cicatricial narrowing arises most frequently from the ingestion

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the valves of the heart have been found absolutely healthy.

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" falling leaf," " wing over," and other stunts can be readily analyzed.

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scopic examination showed the tumor to be composed of carci-

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LXX XV. Chronic dysentery — Ascites and oedema of the legs — Leucocy-

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enumeration of the number of pus corpuscles is at times necessary.

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analysis, and the second makes the conservative assumption