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during the paroxysm, but during the intermission, and be fed freely
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the tn)chanter. Wlien admitt^id, the patient coJ)ij)lained of great
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in severe cases the patient should not be disturbed with the bedpan, but
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rectus of one side and the external rectus of the other side and accom-
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when general sensibility is preserved, etc. An atypical paralysis in
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negleets tUs symptom, &ils to put an eztingufeher on the burning
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mucous membrane and as an intestinal antiseptic. When there are
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In many cardiac cases iron is indicated for the relief of the secondary
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breathing. In some cases these signs may be heard also below the angle
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matter of the spinal cord into the anterior horns, and, although they
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should always be preferred. Potassium nitrate is very irritant and very
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until an attempt at movement in the morning reveals the hemiplegia.
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Perhaps I may as well give you an account of what is really one of
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tuberculous disease of the prostate, a hsematogenous miliary tuberculosis
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head and eyes and with the movements of the trunk or body ; and it is
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eruption and its association with indurated glands makes the diagnosis
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any drug which increases the arterial pressure certainly has in it great
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any primary buccal disturbance. Its possible occurrence as a compli-
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within and in the vicinity of the joints, especially of the metatarso-pha-
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depends upon the results of the physical examination of the spleen,
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than a certain quantity of serous fluid in the cavity affected. Usually,
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is lacking. Usually the valvular endocardium is especially involved,
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common form it is attended with delusions of persecution : at first the
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the bones or of parts of the body other than those intimately connected
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of pulmonary abscess, and the conditions favoring their growth are pro-
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DIAGNOSIS. This affection is usually easily recognized by the known
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of the heart upward is likely to produce palpitation. The expansion
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eration. The knee-jerk is diminished or lost when the thighs are in-
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disease generally occurs in adult life, and has been found rarely in chil-
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produced. All varieties of broncho-pneumonia may end in resolution or
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membrane, and that in acute articular rheumatism, in particular, inflam-
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