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Much loud rumbHng in the abdomen often precedes stool. The
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given related only to the total number of deaths, or to
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We cannot bid adieu to horseflesh without a word on the
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hours), and appears as small scattered white colonies having a
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Under its use for a week or ten days the expectoration was relieved, the
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jaundice diminished and all the other symptoms improved, the plasma
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to the committee sufficiently strong to induce them to advocate
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remotely related to scleroderma. It must not be supposed that all the classical
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borne in mind that it is quite possible that several
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cases of the primary variety it is imjiossible to assign an efficient cause.
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and of irregular outline, but there was no recurrence
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■ u i»j .u .u .• -.1. . .(although chlorolorm had been emp oyed
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cells, probably the so-called Golgi net ("Golginetzen").
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position is the fact that in some of these cystic spaces definite red blood
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and after an extensive hearing and the taking of oral testimony, tiie
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a tube or flask containing an hygroscopic substance, such
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the condition resembling a chronic scaly eczema, and being ac-
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noxious vapors, such arrangements of benches and machinery that the
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sary that the St. Lawrence should also depart to some northern port, but
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tilages anteriorly. His specific history was finally admitted.
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as an apology for our criminal ignorance. Upon the accuracy
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scribed thus: — Ist. Swelling from congestion and exudation;
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versity of Bonn was abolished in 1792, but revived in 1818.
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when the uterus is punctured through the rectum death almost invariably occurs ;
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accused of impotence, or the girl abused in the name of marriage? One
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and stunting at low altitudes brought about this recommendation.
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of performance. With the exception of a very few double-flap ope-
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these cases had been from collapse. In cases of involvement
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thankful when they are not knaves as well. We cannot too early
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the pyloric region carefully examined. No tumor, ci-
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and pulmonary arteries. From these data Schiff 1 has estimated that
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the larger area was was about i inch outside of the vesicle surrounding
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1859. Fbbdbbick William Headland, M.D., On the Advance during
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distance from home to carry out at one sitting the induction of
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the data given unless we assume the possibility that a low grade tol-
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Etiology. — From the time of Benjamin Rush the transmission of
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at the next regular meeting of this Society. Election shall be by ballot,