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operations, and the results to mother and child, but we have no know-
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Thorn. The reason whv L n T^' ^^^'^ P"''Pose? ' '' , r. "' "'-■ medicines we mi.b. — ^ "'^^'"- from
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within the assets available. Clearly the principles of
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public s\slem of w:iter supply. Hep. Bd. Healtb Wis-
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ache or convulsions. Blood-pressure from 213 to 244.
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pressure myelitis, the whole thickness of the cord is uniformly affected.
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of hypertrophy, and that the mitral valve was unsound. But
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withholding or withdrawing of life-prolonging proce-
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a shell explosion was not heard by a patient although
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* See also the following papers by Professor Lee and by me.
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be adopted. For the cure of the disease, the decoction of
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tained at varying intervals for eight months. The patient grad-
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tion or contraction of the vessels, just as chloroform produces its effect ;
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and difficult of classification. They are, in the first place,
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in 1841, when Dr. Braid, of that city, became interested
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The writer favors full doses of Quinine, five to ten grains every four
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edly. The author said he did not think that defecation
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coxa valga. Presumably toxic absorption from the burn induced
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the primary seat of the gray tubercles in the lungs is without the air-
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this one deals with uncertainties. And I recollect an
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ing, only as it serves to delude some shallow thinker into
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sitates pressure of the patient's knees or elbows against
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sleep to the needs of the body, nor will she allow that habitual interference
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points on the nerve-trunks. Neuralgic pains are obserA'ed in a few cases.
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heart ; measles may associate the lung with the whole surface of
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The impressions that fasten themselves upon the mind, the moral emo-
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and abscesses, hypertrophy of the prostate; with an exhaustive
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order to allow the patient to build up his strength before
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pulse reflected from the nerve centres to the vasomotor nerves of the
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Internally, tonic and astringent, with special tendency towards the
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^ lb., gum ^ lb., a.e 4 gals., let it stand in loosely corked
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a half times that of its mother, the second two and three-tenths, and the
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eJiperience adds strength to this conviction ; and we glory in it, as the highest claim
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intensely engorged. Routine removal followed, and the thankless task
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setting, may prevent unnecessary workup and obviate the use