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Thorne recognizes the valuable services of his prede-
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selves of all the luxuries to which they have been accus-
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describes accurately and elegantly, whatever he sees. The two fol-
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For the disease of the right eve, the patient was recommended to take
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sufficient mouse red cells for its exhaustion. Undoubtedly the spleens
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Auxiliary Leadership Confluence which was held at the
Dec. 5. A control-experiment was made to see if con-
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movement. The patient had had no injury of any kind before
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loith heat of skin, kc, give Country Ipecacuanha (369)
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The spleen corresponds to that of a grown man, and is about double its
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tion of the profession ought to be called. We have gynecol-
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will be necessary to change these every few minutes in order to
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my patients than those I give now.^ You must not suppose that an advance in
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body in health, increase the capacity for mental exertion, severe
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Schmey recommends a simple means of treating hemorrhoids which he has suc-
of 1850, and his grandfather, William Chauncey Williams,
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A System of Medicine. With notes and additions by Henry Hartshorne,
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a softened or diseased spot — say of ulcerative inflammation in the fundus —
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aid us in arriving at a diagnosis. Sometimes it was attended by symp-
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dysentery existed in some of the wards at the Nursery and Child's
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ful interference with the mucous membrane, known as
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school year. What an uplifting is this for the country child. The work
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ration and publication of the Index- Catalogue of the Library
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Life may be destroyed by apno^a, if the respiratory muscles become
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cavity when fully mature. The larvae of both are found in
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rabies had any share in its death, three rabbits and one Guinea-pig were
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large quantities of medicine you will be pretty sure
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in situ, inflammatory reaction in the tympanum being thus avoided. He
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tion of the argument of the distinguished counsel who
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prompt hatching by the animal heat, but the observations of
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Governor's Island, Harbor of New York ; Myles Stand-
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* Communicated to the Edinburgh Obstetrical Society on 14th January
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