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blood and even the food value of ingested parasites are conserved. It

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urea in the blood. For this reason it will be considered separately.

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posterior columns, when irritated, display sensibility instead.

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cord (central myelitis). Post mortem we find changes varying according

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The Treasurer's account of the income and expenditure of

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the left side, the diaphragm is pushed down, enlarging the capacity of

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mitted to have his comrade to attend upon him and nurse liim.

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account for this condition we are met with two contending views,

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The treatment of the acute form of the affection consists of sinapisms, fol-

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wrung out in hot water, covered with oiled silk to retain their moisture*

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This view is supported by the fact that the stomach,

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neoplasm, as in Tilling's case in which a secondary node on the humerus

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By vaso-paralytic cachectic diarrhoea is meant the diarrhoea

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ings of the muscles of the injured limb, have justly been regarded as premonitory syojp-

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the pain is more continuous than in cancer of the pylorus.

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doing all ho did, that is, work steadily, as well as eat mainly a particular dish.

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