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A point of interest in this case is the differential diagnosis, which is
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Northern New York, residing along the Champlain Valley, met at the
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Eleventh Annual Meeting of this Association will be
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out much benefit. Simple water-dressing was at first employed,
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pared by saturating a mixture of formaldehyde (forty per cent solution) and
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of the left pulse alone, while the patient was in a recumbent position, is expli-
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toms may precede or follow each other or appear com-
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gard, in the use of these means, to the constitution
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mally greater to the egress than to the ingress of air,,
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Unthreshed peas or oats. Rowen or cow hay. Diet of slow
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I know, could account for the peculiar non-purulent discharge from the ear.
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of bichlorid of mercury to which has been added 0.75 per cent. NaCl
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very hysterical. Has had an attack of severe pain in the episgastrium,
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had an incubation period as short as 13 days, and i of 14 days.
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while lying at the docks in New York city ; and, neglect-
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drilled, and appreciated the different shades of feeling to be rendered,
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impregnation takes place, the discharge being- a critical
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maximus, and internally, behind the adductors, with the aid of dressing-
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Oases of adherent pericardium, with thickening of the sac
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normal and only anatomically abnormal. The extent of the abnormality
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ever, as a most valuable contribution to the literature
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