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remedies to "bring on her courses," some of which she

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heads of the tibial bones, etc. Cases of this disease

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purposes of immediate organization, the Executive Committee of the New

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could curl herself up and rest her chin on the arm of her chair.

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in its regular issue during these thirty years, and it now counts

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Emeritus Prof, of Surg, in the Jefferson Med. Col., Phila.

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equal difference of opinion in regard to the way the disease takes

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before the class. In probing the furrow made by the saw

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in the knee-joint, having their origin in disease of

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are rather worse, but afterwards there is a marked im-

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sion to take hold of the matter with greater firmness than it ever

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in terming them "Erectile." They often, however, con-

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continued but for one day, on two different occasions,

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lection. His mother said that from half-past nine until midnight

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the uterus, as well as a proper appreciation of the value

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phylaxis. Why is it we have so repeatedly brought before us the

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cheat themselves with the absurd delusion, that ap-

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as follows : In nine the parasites were not found (but may have

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advance certain views relating to the treatment of fevers, based

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ration for," T. M. Healey, Section on Surgery. "New

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sibility attaching to an appointment made out of the

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"11th-— At 9 a.m. the pulse was 110; she was free

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Physician to the Hospital St. Louis; Chevalier of the

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which result from a community oi interests, and the com-

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not eat enough, as he had grown too big for his jacket." Previous to this last

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and just, as the best ; not more than this, but not less.

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vaso-motor nervous system. The cardiac or pulmonary

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the wants of the Profession in this important department. He

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for his daily avocation ; but other diseases may set