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Case 5. Dora Y., aged thirteen years, seen with Dr. Hofkin

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case reported by Mairinger, in which the mother gave birth to an infant

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Case IV. — Mrs. F. A., aged twenty-eight years, secundipara, Russian,

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becoming more accentuated every day, point to diagnosis. Thus, systematic

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apparent tendency for death at an earliiT age, forty to forty-nine

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II 111, D.D.S., M.D,, .Journal of llio Allied Dcidnl Socictios, December

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' lipoids ' from human hearts are more efficient than those from other animals.

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typhoid-paratyphoid-dysentery group were found alive after a sojourn

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and at times a brownish matter; great relief is experienced from vomiting

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of the emboli into the pulmonary artery. In the case of sudden death no

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was obtainable. In two death was due to disease of the coronary arteries

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the right side, between the 6th and 7th ribs, and then opened

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within three and one-half minutes, of kidney within two minutes,

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was abolished from a pyramidal lesion, the tonic postural reactions which

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inflammation upon the surface had, under the use of the lotion,

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voorbehoedende inenting. Ncdcrl. Tijdschr. v. Geneesh., 1921, i, 2927-35.

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' Protein Metabolism From the Standpoint of Blood and Tissue Analysis, Sixth

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will so speedily operate in checking habits of intemperance,

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(1) A fat man, aged 43, suffering from cholelithiasis, underwent

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have abandoned, and something also of the desire for better

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task to string them together in the construction of hypothetical motor

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macological lists of practitioners, owing to the eulogies of Gran-

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individuals of Group IV. After transfusion with Group IV blood the

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herself demonstrated, that there was considerable doubt about her

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hypermotility of the stomach, we can say confidently that there is an

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