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cases the symptoms are added so insidiously to those of the antecedent
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ages of domet. Over all a piece of elastic webbing is carried, and
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State Society, and is always largely attended, drawing its members
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(Calcium ana Lithium Carb. Comp. wi'.h Colchicine) is a good
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out mercury, are not rendered secure, much uiisery must be
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etc. . . . The Doctors here are prescribing it at no allow-
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and slight lung-signs made a diagnosis easy 10 days
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and nails, intermittent edema, exacerbating pains and
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in the News William J. Holloway, M.D. of Wilmington has been appointed by Governor
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vulsions is for disturbance of the child's nervous system.
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there was no dysphagia. In the previous six months the patient had gained
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health, excepting that she had now and then, perhaps twice a year, attacks
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so largely as to cause great tension. It was elastic,
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portion ot the same lobe, taken further back on the confines
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figures. To this must be added the fact that for each
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feeble body. From the grosser defects of childhood she has
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occasions so little inconvenience, either cosmetic or symptomatic,
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ietal, second frontal, and an occipital convolution,
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and cedema met with in rheumatism, albuminuria, and diseases of the heart.
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As to treatment, I suppose that in the earlier stages it
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to point-out the diagnosis of stammering in deglutition
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As regards its distinction from other post-natal cerebral palsies, and
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continue after paralysis is established, in consequence of the violent bat
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ing tension on the nerves of the cervical and brachial plex-
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pulmonary vein to join that blood which has been aerated in a
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to go to Chicago. Then medical service was very un-
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ment the general strength and proper balance of their mus-
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too liberal to remain confined to the limits of any one creed, and
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as freelv as on ihe sound side. The fragments of the
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in other cases they are found to retain their normal size and shape ; and
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found in 149 cases, 128 men, including 2 youths under twenty and 5 men over