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dents have thus far seen absolutely nothing to indi-
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any disease beyond phthisis. To be sure, it is hard
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The following conclusions were reached as to the effect of the scar-
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Dr. Tracy was author of the inscription in memory of Samuel
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difficult. The author gives no mention of autopsy finds
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illustrating both a state of extreme torpor, or paralysis of the stomachy
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Dementia varies in degree and character. In one form of it, eepeoially
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rapidly and the increase in bodily warmth will be sur-
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meeting of the Ophthalmological Section, a large attend-
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Tiverton Umon.— Henry M. Body, M.R C.S.E , L.S.A., to the Thowerton
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congestion. There was no odour excepting that of putrefaction. Ihc liver
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at times, of rejecting one or several while displaying
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had feared haemorrhage, 'he had used the galvano-cautery
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cies named after Michaux, one after Kalm, and another after Clayton,
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and renal disease are most important in enlarging the heart;
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and at that place there was a slit-like fenestra with a serrated
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that brilliant cures of pure chlorosis may be made imder the most un-
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that a vast amount of alcohol is needlessly consumed under the plea of health.
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and in every instance should be cultured for diphtheria bacilli.
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vaccine immunity. As in other diseases tliis varies within certain limits,
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lished in Aberdeen, was educated at Mr Bower's school and at the
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It will perhaps be desirable to correct an erroneous impression
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relation Ijetween the velocity of the planets and their distance from the
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Yale College, pronounces the fossils recently found at
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they personally knew him, and had implicit confidence in his-
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using it, that the symptoms indicate Hay Fever, and
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On Feb. 13th the corpuscles were 54 per cent., and the white
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surgeon who purchases it, will soon find that its value is far beyond
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is capable of taking care of relatively large amounts of benzoic acid.
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the motility of the eye is more perfect and the deformity pro-
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in the integuments but also in the more deep seated parts.
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become the Graduate Hospital), at the Graduate School of Medicine,