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usually has a head of normal shape ; the expression of the face, however,

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to take the form of opisthotonos, and may be preceded by large, slow

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over their troubles, and to become hypochondriacal.

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sary to use a 40 to 50 percent suspension of cells in

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The condition is often more striking in summer, owing to the in-

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ecthymatous or impetiginous eruptions. Itching is usually very trouble-

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collis. The pectoralis major is especially prominent on both sides. The

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the not uncommon case of chronic eczema, which may have been

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similar circumstances vary greatly. Deficient secretion of sweat may

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and menstruation ; but there are many exceptions to this statement.

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the male to one of the female sex. With regard to age, there is a general

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conditions under which it arises, its course, and the general symptoms

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is over the sternum, although they may form on other parts of the

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mental and physical capacity of the subject. A bight task to one is heavy

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tion, and was in reality an attempt to replace demons and

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examination of a so-called "acquired" case. The subcutaneous fat

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of great antiquity, the phlebotomist's staff is found in illu-

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smears have been ruined by slight negligence in the

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intellectual character. Thus in advanced age the delusions are especially

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from the physical harm of it as from the notion of its being debasing

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an asylum, which may be a truth or a verisimilitude, he very often enter-

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which the muscle or muscles normally act. Thus if the sterno-mastoid

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began to be troubled by rheumatic pains in the arms for a year before she

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