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phenomena to those described by M. Herpin, on exposure to the carbonic acid

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Because a lupus anticoagulant may be transient or per-

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I Acute detoxification and inpatient treatment for alcoholic dependency,

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are employed: (a) Omodynia (myalgia of the deltoid); (h) dorsodynia (involve-

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Copies of the Pamphlet (Price One Shilling) may be obtained of all Booksellers, or -will be sent

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soft cataract is generally met with ; it is a very common disease

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strictures of the third part of the duodenum or the

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is extremely variable in its anatomy. Two very definite types,

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urine upon standing often throws down an abtuidant sediment of the urates.

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after a very short bath in which the chills have appeared

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2002. Laennec informs. us, that this species isascommon,as the

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information of what is essential for the Medical Offioi