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developing. A girl of 13, she was admitted on the 13th of Febru-

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some time previously. Pressure and cold astringent lotions were first

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to males, although it is transmitted by the female line.

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birth, became affected with diphtheria of the nose. The glandular swell-

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foretold that he would, in a few days, become senseless, and die as if

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pable of movement; his limbs become cold; the pulse weak, slow and

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nephrolithotomy may be performed and the stone removed. Where the

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Tinctura Valeriance Ammoniata. Ammoniated Tincture. — Stimu-

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speak favorably of ice and cold water, because he thinks

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his coat stares, his growth is arrested. The horseman says that

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known which can destroy the germ within the system.

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difference of opinion which obtains among physicians them-

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ordinary concentration, are not poisonous. It is then the intermediate

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thoroughly dilated, and radium is introduced into the cervical canal

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time ; this is attributable to several causes, one of

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pulmonalis. This statement will immediately raise the ques-

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reaction, the irritation in those of the vaccinated animals begins slowly to sub-

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virulence, while in older animals infection with anthrax cannot be

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The intra-articular fracture types offer the greatest

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you have an increase in the leucocyte count and rise in the percentage

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is pressed downward, even to the detriment of the organs below.

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was plain and decided upon in an instant. I removed everything by the vagino-

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