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cases exhibit a more or less debilitated condition, and tonics of iron,
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nocular iritis in a child. He considered it to be tuber-
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fractured femurs by extension, special atten- of his papel as f ollows .
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in the elimination, and often the saline may be put in the
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Fio. 6.— View of the left nasal chamber from a ppecimen prepared by the alin-
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suture must go deeply through the renal structure and must
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and the observation of several persons who examined
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deposited in the terminal and peripheral layers of bone, because they
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it that it is the precise form in which to administer iron when a
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For the general purposes of treatment the subject can prob-
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goes further, and gives the total amount of organic carbon ;
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fitable and more pleafant to travel about from place to place, and
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with between the second and the eleventh day. In Ilieder s cases
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not consent to the scheme, although the London University
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I found the boy in a state of complete apnoea, cya-
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devoted to the question of priority in recommending phos-
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but towards evening the fever had increased, and with it there was a decided
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Between the action of tea and alcohol there is a very intimate
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several times daily ; that was nothing like a constant administra-
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Professor of the Principles and Pra(;tice of Surgery, Bellevuo
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cellular tissue in the skin, and universal empyema set up.
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to normal. He concludes that from the diagnostic standpoint the
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of expense, directed to Isaac Hays, M. D., Editor of the American Joiirnal of the Me-
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lips may become blue, and the radial pulse is difficult to
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I saw him not long before his death, when he was of great
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interminable conversations which follow the reading of reports upon
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breast changes (tenderness, enlargement and secretion), change in weight
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cases, in the first of which violent convulsions, and in the
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withdrawn from the joint into the periarticular tissues,
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great distention, and eructations of a sour liquid (pyrosis). Butyric
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the vagus center. Examination of the respiratory curves, which accompanied
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heimer's Histol. u. Histopath Arbeiten, Vol. IV, 1911
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ions in anasarcous parts are very liable to slough,
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compound containing the less oxygen is made to terminate in ous ;
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confusion extending to all the faculties. An arterial sclerosis
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and neck; the buttocks, etc.). For the same reason paimles of this