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treatment in New York for one week. Typical symptoms of gonorrhea

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is present with parietal adhesion, incision and drainage would be proper.

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a person, cured of the disease by mercury, may again receive

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pounding of Botanic Medicines, from the very best and purest materials in the mar

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Westphal Balance. — This instrument is more accurate than the

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more distant parts, aether or ammonia to the face, &c. are often useful,

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There is then a tendency to mummification, the nail becomes com-

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interfere with the ingestion or the usrtimilation of aliment. The phenomena

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disease, of which we do not yet know the minute anatomical

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II. In the early spring of 1878 I attended the birth of

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Enemata are further classified according to the purpose for which

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had been another injection of the carbolic-acid solution.

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4. The course covers thirty weeks, and not more than

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her disposition had changed from an agreeable one to one markedly less so,

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but also the amount of ha-moglobin (as measured by the oxygen capacity)

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presented himself for treatment. At this date he suffered from a thin, gleety discharge,

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M. U. Complete in one octavo volume, leather, of 484 pages, with about two hundred illustra-

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gaining in strength was possibly a return to the normal,

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large number of cases in which the operation was per-

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5. If the recent observations on the almost constant

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Definition. — A contagious disease, of which the more characteristie

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blood pressure cause such lesions in the chest, trunk and limbs.

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dispassionate consideration to the obvious remedy for all

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Chester, Staff-Assistant-Surgeon A., to be Assistant-Surgeon Royal

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