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as to interfere with breathing. He tliought it would be of
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After quoting from several authorities to show the similarity
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think the General Council of the Association should be asked
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seven weeks. He suggested that the phenomena were due to
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The teaching, as a rule, is dogmatic ; there is little or no
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child is caught more or less by the muscular ring at the exit
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with the obstructing prostate, whether by incision or extirpa-
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the C.S. centres of the tongue and tlie gustatory centres?
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journey, which was tlie Taoio Hotel, Orotava, we travelled
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flowing on till it strikes the coast of Australia, and there
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cussed, and there are few subjects connected with liospital
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explored, and any stone removed, which in these cases may
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Reincke points out that the general infection of the water
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over there is no reason why the inhaler siiould not be
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opinion of most of the American doctors is that for most pa-
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chester; Royal Society, Assistant Secretary of, London; MissL. R.
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COKST.\NT, Thomas Edward, L.R.C. P. Lond , M.R.C.S., L.D.S., appointed
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Analysis of the Vital and Mortal Statistics of the Sanitary Districts of the Metropolis, after Complete Distribution of Deaths
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the neutral phosphates of the tissue. In one tissue, namely,
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development of chemistry are now acknowledged everywhere,
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firmed by the fact tliat the severance of both vagi makes no
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proved a hindrance to the freedom of action of this country
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stated in Ur. Woods's annual report, numbered 68, or a rate oi 6 3 per
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with something moving in it. On breaking this 1 felt another foot, so
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judge held that a contract had been made, and that Dr. Owen was entitled
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'; himself, Guilbert, Lonihard. Jourdanet, Brehmer, and others,
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The Peesident related a case of tuberculosis of the urinary
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Dublin district, comprising some "2,500 deaths. From this
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all classes of the community, but especially those of the
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Dictionary of P/sychaloifical Medicine, and several papers to
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look for payment, and wha^, is the usu-\l fee for such certificate ?
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Mshnient, are placed at the disposal of the Government of India in the
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the fact ; the question which remains is whether every pos-
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to 7'i°). .ind in the readiness with which they are precipitated by neutral
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eases of the respiratory organs in London were 172 below the average,
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the Council. Dr. Gowers has been honoured as the first re-
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tality statistics, is not without other indications of aflinity.
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ditions ; but I have also seen it in three cases of peripheral
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The treatment of the urine was precisely the same, except that in the
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