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within their province to make any suggestions to witnesses, but that the

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dalay Districts, will do duty in the Beigaum and Bangalore Districts,

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dispensary in Duke Street with assumed complaints and were prescr-bed

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Medical Superintendent RalnhlU Asylum, and Lecturer on Mental

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had always enjoyed good health, and had menstruated regu-

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of the Pension Fund, are unable, from special temporary cir-

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employed both by farmers and milk dealers. They enable

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ously eliminated by the bowels, and, to a very much lesser

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by Tliomas's wrench, and Scarpa's shoe applied to each foot.

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and James H. Beattie, having completed twelve years' service, are pro-

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that his success lies in the matter of his prescriptions. A

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ca=e of «mall-pox occurred at the workhouse on February .'ird, and that

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spray ; and that he prefers iodol in sterilised olive or almond oil.

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may yet be connected most intimately through the medium

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lence. — Grouping of Infective Diseases according to Degree of

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question of the relation of diphtheria to the health of the city

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the Report has by no means been suppressed, but that in a

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slides, illustrating the changes he had found in three micr-

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Dr. Savage, in reply, said that the occui-rence of epileptic

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that to say anything else would involve liability to punish-

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whole circumference of the mass above the growth, passing

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a case of Dift'use Osteoma of the Upper Jaw, by Surgeon-

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by the diflerence of the nutrient medium in the intestines of

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York, Dr. Andrew Smith found it only in 15 per cent., the

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Artillery (Western Division Royal Artillery), is appointed Surgeon-

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we have already referred. If one of our correspondents were

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The Deputy answered he was joking. " Not at all," explained

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author made some comments on the case, whicli seemed to

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Mr. SouTHAM made some remarks on suprapubic cystotomy,

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of medicine and surgery, and to hold independently such qualifying ex-

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required the port sanitary officers to make other arrangements for visit-

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composition is brought about by the agency of the fibrin fer-

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Road, S E.— Resident Medical Officer. Salary, £70 per annum, with

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comparatively few practitioners seem to meet with them at all.