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blood, which acted on the nervous centers, contributed more or

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pat ho- logisch-anatomischen Standpunkt. Verhandl, deutsch. path. Gesellsch., 1908,

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with reference to dislocation of the clavicle, some of the bones of the hand

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beneath the periosteum of the long bones, accompanied by wasting, sallow

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When suppuration takes place in the cavities of the body, it

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care that the point upon which traction is made is above the knee, so as not to

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Mntury) states : '^hen the ligna of small-pox appear, we must take

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that I am in the position that Dr. McMullan has put us, "Damned if

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The cultures show two types of cells, resembling in a general

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committed Science to an hypothesis of a highly doubtful nature.

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to Odysseus. They say that if he does bring aid they will not allow his

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and of Apollo, — i.e., ludi musarum, — and, consequently,

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from the common symptoms of that disease, is to be considered

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fatty degeneration of the heart and nervous system, a similar change

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