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the body temperature by exposure to cold and a wetting
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struck with what he said. I told him I was treating a case of tetanus.
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Cases of this fearful disease have occurred, the present season, in diffe*
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venous return is the prominent cause. C. Hyperasmic or
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given by Dr. Pilcher, for the reason that there is no opportunity afforded
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at the Berlin and Waterloo General Hospital for some years,
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is responsible for transmitting to the staff Gl the daily reports
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ment and voluntary exercise are needed to bring them to
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gr. 7^ ; Tannin, gr. 15 ; Sugar, oiij, given frequently.
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child. I have gradually become so sensitive upon this
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patients showing signs of syncope under anaesthesia, the
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much benefit is gained from daily cold baths, followed by dry friction
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arrange our cases into groups, according to circumstances which seem to us
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Immediately ^fter the bath the skin should be carefully and gently