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A continuous elimination of sugar, however, is noted principally

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we may reasonably conjecture that they are produced by an aneu-

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prolongations, and the filaments themselves terminated in the same

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intense, and there is usually severe general aching.

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remembered that in ataxia (the symptom) affecting the lower

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that narcotic drugs do afford a pleasurable sensation to many of those

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But in so unsettled a population as that of California, it was impossible to

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into both sides of the abdomen, enclosing the left kidney and in-

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suppuration is very common. It is not very rare with syphilis.

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particularly in the examination of the cerebrospinal fluid, but may be

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After many attempts Michaelis and Oppenheimer" were unable to obtain

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to think it needless to mention, if indeed he had ever

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Dittmeier, Georgia, et al — Gemfibrozil Therapy in Pa-

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Tere oleum diligenter cum gum mi, dein adde gradatim aquam et

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light more strongly than water, is contractile, and by its con-

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5 " It has been reserved for our time to produce those, of whom


by the microscopic examination, as long as the surgeon

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tion takes place, due to slow increase of the interstitial fibrous tissue of

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cally considered as local, probably proceed from constitutional disease ;

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A happy chance has led Dr. Magliori to the discovery

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Monographs on Special departments of Philology, Iconography, Cranioscopy, Palaeontol-

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the income to be devoted to instruction and research in anatomy

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mammalia die in a few minutes, but it takes several hours to destroy a reptile

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enlargement from wliich might be inferred a serious disturbance of this

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present no difference in the forms of their particles. On the

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of tenacious mucus. The greater the narrowing the shriller the

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they are found in greatest numbers. In the submucosa they are

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which occur especially in the epidemic form of that disease.

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A ITew Kedical Library for ITew York. — A nucleus

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