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limbs more freely, and the facial palsy is less marked. The
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treatment promises more than this, but it is not to be expected that it will
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clearly distinguished from blennorrhagic epididymitis, which is always con-
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controlled by a set screw, so that the straight rod, to the outer
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on the second day after the operation, and the wound
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same side Five months later, he had paresis of the left internal rectus. At the
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They are, uneasiness in the stomach after meals, flatulence and
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autopsy findings corroborate the clinical findings and the test. The patient prob-
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micrococci were seen in the blood, while collections of them were found
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was occluded and rounded off. Section through the mass
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mencing with one capsule. These interruptions in the
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in the subject of alcoholism, (fi) The sins of alcoholic parents are visited on
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numbers of events rather than that of individual or few cases. Nothing
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Strahismus occurred in all, and vt^as, in reality, the only symp-
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chemical indicators. To review this subject briefly, Courant has
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last the light of modem science dawns upon us, and the con-
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a neuroma of the hand. He had passed without trouble
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uterus — hypertrophy of the endometrium ; the remote
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ciation are likely to prove beneficial by a rapid enlargement of our numbers.
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overwrought feelings, and when the body is at the same time in
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' preference in those affections over all other external
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relief is given. In many cases their effect in allaying pain and
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planks, ran a piece of old iron into his perineum. At the time there was
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goes forth : in this community that is enough to damn any man : every
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speaking, and caused a deviation of the mouth towards the right side.
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tinued from three to fifteen months, will in a majority of
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Failures in Daily Operation : Regardless of the degree of automation of a
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This stage, too, may be of very short or very long — ten
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lems, but rather to personality characteristics. In cer-
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