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tissue, the concentrated urine has a very high specific gravity ; and, us

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12. Colon, Congenital Abnormality of Shown by Mr D. P. D.

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the throat because it tickles. This is not only unpleasant but

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procedure. It is particularly helpful in conditions in which light

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liver, spleen, and in pleurisies, ad deilquium animi,

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operations often done for the relief of enuresis. Any

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Fig. 3 (Case 2). — Second record, May 18, 1915. The form of ventricular

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treatment of poor persons, the problem is complicated

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dition have improved since the last bulletin. Pulse, 120;

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and rubbed upon the throat, in cases of pharyngitis and

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was born at St. Hyacinthe in 1882. He graduated from

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cysts. A branch of the inferior epigastric artery enter-

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the cleft end of a small stick and to wind it out of the wound ver7j slowly,

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for recurrence. For the same reason, when these hard masses

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The Sudan commission found that the alkalinity of the serum of their patients

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Functional impotency is particularly marked in lesions of the axil-

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so that its differentiation is a matter of less difficulty

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Committee of the Council yesterday regarding the proposed increase in the number of

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soil, of food, and of general hygiene, would predispose to the

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The regular meeting of the Stark County Academy of Medi-