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5. A Study of a Scarlet Fever Epidemic. Alfred C. Haven.

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primary trouble. Gastric vertigo, the vertigo dyspeptica of Trousseau,

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For Biography, see Brit. & For. M. Rev., Lond., 1836,

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unsightly ulcer, in its earlier stages superficial, with smooth,

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scopically, are found to be composed of dense accumulations of

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show chronic endocarditis; they are thickened, rough-

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are those on phagocytic immunity by Dr. Meakins, primary

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10 per cent, to 60 per cent, in two hours, though the average in a num-

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The volume is well and tastefully printed and bound.

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Dr. G. Peters showed (1) a case of teratomatous tumors on the

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"The arrangements had all been made for their approaching nuptials,

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of the feet. The enlarged liveiKseUs do not compress the bile-ducts

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afi'ections. Thus roseola syphiUtica would designate the macular erup-

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Studies of their third and fourth years (see p. 287 : Class Exami-

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fruitful, but they have been, for the most part, restricted to animals.

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the gall-bladder occurs in from 4 to 14 per cent, of cases of cholehthiasis.

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the character of the adventitious connective tissue it con-

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9. Keith, N. M., and Pulford, D. S. : Experimental Hydronephrosis, Arch. Int.

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ditions. Another variety may perhaps deserve a name, namely, that in

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diffused in water were administered to a rabbit by means of a funnel. In

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one of them that does not possess such peculiarities as

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