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ment ; but whilst the Poor-law guardians have no duty
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geon, April 1st, 1871 ; Surgeon, March 1st, 1S78; Surgeon-Major, April 1st,
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was specially promoted to the rank of Fleet-Surgeon (Abyssinian medal) ;
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the neuritis and other troubles disappeared. In another case
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the samples, thus showing that the germs of infection were communi-
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Mr. Jackson, the tlien Chief Secretary and President of tlie
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one man to say if there should be such a report or not. Dr.
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been placed at the disposal of the patients. During the past week there
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special measures such as are at once reasonably practicable
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by the actual operator. This, however, did not appear to be
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Turner. He hall long recognised the fact that clots in the pul-
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the arms of mediums, such as Foster ; the materialisation of
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pathology but has himself successfully applied the most
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and whenever it is found that a dwelling house or other pro-
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Edward Harland, Mr. T. AV. Russell, and Dr. Farquharson,