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conditions in books, but it is not often that we have an opportunity to
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Loud., 1893, i, 858.— Berry (G. A.) "Xnti' on a <ongenital
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that "So many children wear glasses these days." The examina-
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himself. Then after that, as soon as you have got the patient to move
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Cases 1 and 2. — One patient was a child, aged 6 years, and the
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common form of fever after intermitting and remitting fevers ceased to
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the same relation to the liver and bile as urea does
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creased temperature of the face and ears. These symp-
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mountainous, requiring great labor and toil to discharge the duties of
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which were formerly treated as independent entities are gradually being
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pre-Listerian times, and need not be discussed on the present occasion.
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cases it had been employed in, and at an early period after the epidemic had
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18) Babcock and Russell, Centr. f. Bakt. u. Par'k. Abt. 2, 1900, 6, 17-22, 79-88.
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he would say it meant either putting persons in railway carriages, or into a
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Ophth. Soc., Post., 1885-7, iv, 491-494.— IVikkels. Kvopr.
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SOPHOMORE WIVES: Seated: Stephanie Reed, Alisa Dick. Standing: Patsy Humble,
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accrue to himself personally from his discovery, as for
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and reminding them of the provisions of the law. 3. To
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as tuberculous. The unverified cases reduce the number to 65,
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of a decoction of coca leaves, of belladonna, of hyoscyamus, of aconite,
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tion simply is that there is a greater amount of protein absorbed
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