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other cases would apply cold, in the form of ice bags, or heat, in the

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which supplied the nerve and disk directly from the brain and

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from two to five days. Then cautiously begin rubbing with alcohol

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muscles also, but these are rare occurrences. In a number of cases in

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through a single thickness of orilinary filter paper. In C were jjlaced ."> c c.

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its fruit. This is, us Littre observes, a roundabout pedigree for a word,

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and locally, paralyzes sensory nerves. Open all abscesses.

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tensive experience renders this work of unusual value.

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the large intestine, attended with mucous and bl(K>dy dejections. Ab a

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where it is less dense. The legs below the knee are affected, both back

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profound states of coma, some amount of unilateral paralysis may be

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and the absence of short, quick, irregular heavings of the

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2. The fall in degrees directly following the treatment.

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he forwarded to the Academy, upon which M. Gimelle has delivered

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Nov. 11, 1921 Robert McCarrison, M.D., D.Sc. Oxford, (Eng).

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mission nearly a year since, and one of the most satisfactory build-

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are there any toxic changes in the internal viscera. He admin-

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map prepared some years ago by Dr Kaurin, the distinguished

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sjTni)tom. The enterorrhagia ceased afler several dnys, and the pctiot

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the anterior two-thirds of the tongue. It is therefore possible

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due to complications, including under this head pericarditis. But the ma-

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proper medico -legal research in poisoning by strychnia. The greatest reproach

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will learn the origin of these poisons by improving our technique,

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bold one) is into the low-lands of North Carolina, where he

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arises from the difference in nature of the tissues involved. For

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muscular actions in different animals — adduction in the

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Death, however, resulted on the fourteenth day from

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these tissues. The solutions are applied as injections, or