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says : " What has been called follicular amygdalitis or

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the pathological lesions as observed in diphtheria and

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" June 28 : The patient passed an excellent day and night. The injection wounds

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comparatively immune, or resistant to bacterial action.

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tie of an explanatory nature is required. Like previous volumes

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painful micturition, with occasional attacks of haema-

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continue to grow, or may enlarge suddenly in later life, even at an advanced

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Spleen normal, 4 oz. ; kidneys anemic, each 3oz. The

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" In 1851 I was placed under the care of Dr. Macleod, of Benrhydding. The

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trypanosomes are present in the blood in pure culture and hence all experi-

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arospasm, yet the underlying pathophysiology is poorly un-

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We see, perhaps more clearly than Mr. Swete, from a

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tery. {Experiences sur la Torpillc Electrique. Annates

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104° to 106° F. Bowels become costive, urine scanty; symptoms

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considerably, enlarged. Lungs and heart show no specific changes.

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oblique backwards. A second, smaller scar was one inch

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believed that while an exchange of views of the sub-

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believe in the theory, basing his opinion at the same

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but in cases where they operate as expost facto laws, and

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throughout the lungs, but thickly scattered throughout all the organs and

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instead of the fibrinogen and found a similar increase.

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as possible restrained. Purgatives, therefore, should be in great measure,

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18. Remember to let all rubber goods, such as cathe-

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Zucatula, Manzanillo, Corrientes, and San Bias ; and

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a few days, but had no further trouble save some little edema and

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and it should not be forgotten that to Mr Wells we are indebted for

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an instance of organic heart disease associated with an

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of \'irulent material in the nose. The conjunctiva is more resistant.

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20 days, in three cases between 20 and 25 days, in three cases between 25

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situation, the following resolutions, condemning the

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crease be formed over the dangerous spot, preventing all

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the digestive functions, and, consequently, operate upon the appetite. The

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into the practice of physic, in the space of one hundred years, "more

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An apprentice is wanted at this office to learn the

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foims the part of a circle, the radius of which is an inch

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tinged with blood. 4th. - «< lough and expectoration diminished. Sputum consistent,

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days later a small llexible catlieter was pas.s(d. An-

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sion. He had a healthy apppearance. His muscles were

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Cutting [cover with printed title] /com: Ztschr. f. Hyg.,