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never done so well before in this hospital. Geo. W. Gay, M. D.
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cap. 90, sec. 40. One of the pamphlets circulated by Mr.
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The patient, a 25-year-old male student, was first seen at
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and safranin) : no bacteria. Heart's blood (Gram and safranin) : no bacteria.
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January 11. — Death took place unexpectedly in the early morning.
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distinction between pulmonary and mediastinal tumors.
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the College. Sir Thomas Gresham was born in 1519. He dis-
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Per cent, of purin nitrogen excreted as uric acid nitrogen = 13.
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crowded that the outline of the single corpuscles can but rarely be distinguished.
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Changes of Address. — Dr. Charles Lewis Allen, to No.
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Thayer, J. T. Wilbur, H. N. Read, G. F. Ketcham, W. A. DeLong, G. Wieber, H.
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cases, supposed to be chronic glaucoma, were probably nuclear