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being under deep anresthesia, and the entry of blood into the

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similar manner. By this more expeditious method we obtain better

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In the feet parallel position, if the patella points toward the median

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may be continued, while the pain lasts, carefully avoiding over-

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advisable that there should be one. If it is desired tliat

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a little colocynth. I have employed this treatment extensively and

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" But again, if there be a space of three inches and

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slimy mud beneath it, lay embedded the ruins of the ill-fated

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doses at short intervals; ivith ice, and external frictions, etc. Pre-

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due to the direct action of the current on the vaso-

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low : — 1. That the sounds are not produced by the contact of the ventri-

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A committee consisting of Toronto members was appointed, with whom

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the digestive organs, but that in others it is traceable to neither. So also it

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several hours and then without expressing, or, if too

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Diagnosis. — The manner of its occurrence and the promptness of

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been implanted in this way. Mr. Lawrence mentions the follow-

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must always be ascertained and duly weighed, for instance (1) the

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to all disease, or at least to our predisposition to disease.

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epidemic ; since, according to this theory , the poisonous matter,

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agents are either medical men themselves or related to

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this sign is due to the latter, and that, other things being equal, the fre-

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A series of examinations were now carried out. The blood was

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found in 149 cases, 128 men, including 2 youths under twenty and 5 men over

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just as they were left by the nurse. He never made a move