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quantity. In doses of one or two grains combined with a little

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sufHcient number of persons who were from the offer stated by the reporter

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the expectations of all those connected with the case.

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the upper part of the popliteal space. This grew very

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corrosive sublimate is added to blood-serum an insoluble white

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74-262. Also: Arch. med. de Toulouse, 1896, ii, 408; 488;

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sea and vomiting returned ; abdomen much distended ; meteorism ; no

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I was led some time ago, by the number and variety of pessaries in-

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to two days, of whom 8 died; 20 lasted two days, and 11 died;

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Temperature method in localization of cardiac pacemaker; B. H,

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typlwsus, and B. cliolertv. The salt must be present in a proportion of

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unable for some time afterward to maintain his grasp on an

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the rebtion between small-pox and oow-pox, it may be pointed out that

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I think these cases are usually due to a chronic endometritis. In the

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but also the amount of ha-moglobin (as measured by the oxygen capacity)

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ally efficacious. The Borax and Honey of domestic practice, or preferably

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mined to terminate the labor. My friend. Dr. Sholl,

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ment with quinine brought about a complete recovery.

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Florida," by Dr. Frank Fremont-Smith, Palm Beach, Fla. ; 'â– Clima-

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1920, iii. No. 12, p. 754 ; and Penna. Med. Jour., Athens, Pa., March,

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for all physician offices to have this type of coverage

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ago in a fatal case which occurred at the West London Hospita ^^^gma d R. Ehvorthy .

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encephalitis in dogs. The progressive enfeeblement of intelligence, of

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this case, was found, after death, to be enormously thickened ; both ure-

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the scores of cases seen by Dr. 8. there was no tme in which the attack began

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pregnancy, advised premature delivery. This expedient was rejected.

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ment. In some subjects, as in the case of my first patient, the puncture