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rarity of acute rheumatism in infancy is also opposed to this diagnosis.
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TREATMENT. The treatment of hemorrhage from the small intes-
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pnoea, and by a variety of symptoms due in part to the absorption of
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The number of the older anti-epileptic remedies is in exact propor-
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The most important local form is the cervical pachymeningitis of Char-
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frequently paralyzed from pressure upon the left recurrent laryngeal nerve
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cord or the medulla oblongata. or the special-sense ganglia at the base of the brain.
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calomel. It is better to give repeated small doses than a single large
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its physical signs in calling attention to disease of the liver. The imme-
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persistent overwhelming malarial poison. On the other hand, the negro
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with the finger, it was found that there was oblique fractiu-e, without
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interstitial variety, the dyspnoea is quickly followed by cyanosis. In
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diseased valve : such a heart is spoken of as having undergone * * com-
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given in a wooden tub, two or three times a week. The patient during
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pulse is usually accelerated ; the temperature may be subnormal, normal,
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at losing command of the division so soon, than at the prospect of
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little symptomatic disturbance except anaemia and debility, but often
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riate tincture of iron every two hours, and to keep perfectly quiet.
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minute, but usually ranges between forty and sixty. Eespiration and
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In congenital syphilis the best treatment consists in rubbing the abdo-
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severe in the nose, larynx, and trachea, although it may extend into the
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a paroxysm. The auditory prodrome, which is extremely rare, has been
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the little finger ; difficulty in opposing the thumb to the metacarpal bone
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the furniture or on the walls of an apartment. Under special circum-
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several instances hypermotility of the stomach causing an early expulsion
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and cough persist, and the temperature soon rises one or two degrees,
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uous, and ascites, perhaps dropsy, may occur, death usually taking place
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of the pulse, which is rapid and feeble, and with some fall of the bodily
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elimination of the poisonous materials from the blood. The diuretics
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strength, with not infrequently attacks of acute obstruction, which are
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without flour ; chowder without potatoes ; mock-turtle, mullagatawny,